Guest Post By Shannon Page...What's In My Carry On!?

Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to guest post for Kristen while she's off celebrating her sissy's upcoming nuptials!

Fun Fact for you....Kristen and I went to college together!!
Small world right??

Here we are freshmen year...

For those of you who don't know me.....

I'm the blonde, Merlot-loving newlywed that blogs over at Page:Twenty-Two!
Come and visit me sometime:)

So Kristen wants to know...

What is in my carry on??

When I head off for a getaway I can't be without all of this loot in my Vera duffel!

1. My iPad - this is self explanatory.
2. My ear buds - see explanation for iPad above.
3. MAD LIBS!!! - My Hubby HATES mad libs but I can't fly without them. They are TOO fun!
4. My Marriage License - This one sounds weird right? Well if you're lazy like me and refuse to wait in line at the DMV to get your license changed to your new married last name....keep your marriage license with you to prove your identity when you fly!! 
5. Sour Patch Kids - Love these sour little guys:)
6. Dramamine - I tend to get motion sickness...but before I fly I pop 2 of these babies and I'm good to go!

Thanks to Kristen for having me today!!

Come visit me soon!

Page: Twenty-Two


  1. cute! i just tried using my ipad in the houston airport this weekend and COULD NOT CONNECT To their STUPID Wi-fi!!! did that ever happen to you?

    1. Yesss that happens to me a lot! So frustrating:( I usually download movies before I leave home just in case that happens!!

  2. Oh Mad Libs!!! I forgot about those and now you have me wanting to go buy some for my next trip!!

  3. Did you know that in Belgium you keep your maiden name even after you got married? But because we got married in South Africa I have two passports with different surnames on them.

    1. That's crazy, Jo! Getting married in South Africa sounds AMAZING!