Guest Post: What's in my Carry On?

Hi Dolls!
I'm Stephanie from Showered in Sparkles.

While Kristen is frolicking on the beautiful beaches of the Keys, she asked me to share with you what I keep in my carry on bag.

Fun fact: I'm terrified of flying. 

I haven't been a plane since I was 18. Let's just say turbulence, a medical emergency on board and flying all by my lonesome does not make for a pleasant experience. 

Since one of my good friends moved to Dallas a few months back, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to get me over my fear of flying. I booked a flight last month & I leave in 3 weeks. EEEK! 

Below is everything that will keep my company on my flight :)

1. My handy dandy iPad - This all in 1 life saver will allow me to go on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, access to my Kindle and even might allow me get a blog post up during my flight. Technology really is a beautiful thing :)
2. e.l.f Hypershine Lip Gloss - Let's be serious, can a girl ever live without lip gloss more than a hands reach from her? 
3. Essie Nail Polish - Any shade of pink will do. This is just in case I was running late and didn't get to paint my nails. I'm a nazi with my nail polish, don't want a boney unpolished finger ;) Name that movie.
4. Headphones - What if I get sat next to Chatty Kathy? I need an exit strategy.
5. Gum - Just to get my ears un-popped.. is that a word? I'm leaning towards no, but I hear chewing on gum on planes helps with rectifying that nonword. 
6. Snacks - You betta believe I'll get hungry during a 3 hour flight. Let's be serious, I get hungry immediately after I eat dinner. Really, I just love my food.
7. Jacket - I think the temperature will drop at least 10 degrees from Sunny Orlando to Dallas. That's just a guess though. I'll have to look at the forecast before I leave.
8. MAC Foundation - Since I'm getting in late at night, I'm going to be whisked away to dinner & drinks immediately after. I'll have to be ready to go upon landing!
9. Magazines - US weekly, Star, People, In Touch or any other celebrity stalking magazine. I love me some juicy celebrity gossip and I've always gotta be in the know so I'll do some "research" during my flight.

How does that sound? Am I missing anything?
I'd love to hear any suggestions that you may have for me!

I'm extremely nervous but I think will all those items, and copious amounts of alcohol, we may land without a complete mental breakdown from yours truly.

Fingers crossed

Come join me on my journey over at Showered in Sparkles.
 I always love meeting new people :)

Thanks for having me, Kristen.
Can't wait for you to get back and make us jealous with all the fun you had!


  1. Awe you will do just fine. The only thing I would suggest is not to bring the snacks :( I don't think they will let you through the security checkpoint with any food or drink, but you can get them after :-) And I'm telling you this from experience. I had to throw away so much stuff at the checkpoint and it was so embarrassing :(

  2. Make up, & I pad are a must :) agreed!

  3. it's a MUST to travel with magazines. You'll be FINE - just remember to have a few bevys before takeoff!

  4. love this, and magazines are a must!

  5. good luck- you'll be fine! Sounds like you have your goodies all lined up, which will make the flight pass in a jiffy. ;) xo