Hello sweet Life's a Beach readers! I am assuming you are sweet if you are here reading Kristen because we all know she is truly a sweet heart! 
My name is Helene from the blog Helene in Between.  I was born and raised (and never left) the great state of Texas. I blog about the comings and goings of my life in Dallas as a newlywed, my sweet fur baby Hugo (a doberman) and I am honest to a fault about love and life. My husband and I tend to differ in a lot of ways which makes for some very funny dialogue. 

I think I am pretty funny, but you will have to find out for yourself!

I travel for work from time to time so I have to have a very good grip on what to bring on my carry on. I'm going to skip over boring stuff: toothbrush, razor, etc. 

First, I always have baby wipes. You never know when, why or how you will need them. What if you need to refresh a bit? What if, God forbid, there is no toilet paper around? What if you just need to get the sweat out of your pits? Hey! It can happen. 
The next thing I have is skittles. Sugar is good in case I start feeling faint or let's be honest... I have a BIG sweet tooth.

I always bring a party dress. Doesn't matter where I am going. I do not like being unprepared for a party!

I also bring an extra handbag in the case of going out.
A book for the plane is nice. But I get horrible nausea. So I never leave without nausea medication. It's best if I don't barf on the person sitting next to me.

So whatcha think? A lil odd huh? Well. I am a little odd. Come check me out, I won't bite!

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