Weekend Recap & Vaca Recap!

Did everyone see Breaking Dawn Part II this weekend?
I went on Friday with a few of my favorite girls and LOVED it!
Although they changed up the end a bit, I thought it was pure genius!
Anyone else agree?

I found my camera cord this weekend, so as promised, here are a few pictures of the Dolphin swim that we experienced over our Vacation!

I couldn't wait to bring Steve over to my sisters work so he could swim with the dolphins!  It has become a ritual for me every time I visit her in the Florida Keys.  We got to meet Nemo, Balla, Lucky, and Hastings up close and personal!  Steves favorite was Hastings because he caught the ball both times he threw it to him!  We had a blast and even got kisses from a few of these amazing animals!

Have you ever gone Swimming with the dolphins!?
I'd love to hear your experiences!


  1. I've always wanted to go swimming with dolphins, they look so happy/friendly and are super cute!

  2. That looks so fun!! I have never done but I would like to

  3. Such great pictures!! That last one is amazing!