Christmas Tour

Today, I am giving you a Christmas Tour of my house!
 Top Left: Steve's Mom used to give him a Christmas book every year...and he just has to put them on display every year...drives me crazy, don't you think they would look cuter in a nice basket?
Bottom Left: My favorite Peace ornament, that is too large to fit on the tree.
Right: Steve got me this ornament last year for our first Christmas!
 Did I mention that Steve's Dad gets him a nutcracker EVERY year too!?
ughhh....will pay someone big money to break in and steal these tacky guys...
Since I love the beach, I'm always sure to throw in some Nautical Decor...
Left Pic: Byers Choice Nautical Caroler (My mom has about 100 of these)
Top Right: An old Lobster Buoy that I found at the beach one day
Bottom Left: Large Vase filled with silver ornaments
Above Pic: I made this garland from Clam shells that I had collected/hoarded and had no clue what to do with them.
I washed the shells, spray painted them, drilled holes in them, threaded a ribbon through them and 
Add it to your Christmas garland and you have a beautiful, nautical decoration.

Above Pic: Our Dining room that we never sit in...

The outside of our apartment.  I wanted to get Garland for above the door and the railing, but I just don't have time....maybe next year!?

and finally....
Our Beautiful Christmas tree!

(Yes, it's real!)


  1. Loving the peace sign ornament! How cute!
    Pretty tree!

    =) Brooke

  2. Aww that clam idea is too crafty and cute!

  3. My mom likes the nutcrackers!! That is too funny how many he has though!! Cute ornament, Jamal and I started a tradition where every Christmas we buy each other an ornament. It's really fun.

  4. I love the clams! Such a great idea!

  5. Your tree looks AWESOME!!!!!!! And holy nutcrackers hahaha

  6. beautiful Christmas house :) Merry Christmas!