Gifts for Him

So, I've been reading a lot of your posts on what to get that special guy in your life....
Well ladies, I am here to SAVE THE DAY!

A lot of you seem to think that your boyfriend/hubby/dad might like a Birch Box subscription this year...
WRONG! I don't know any (straight) guy that has a BB subscription on their Christmas list...
just, no....

Lets steer away from Whiskey Rocks, Golf GPS' and just keep it simple....
Here are some fun, thoughtful gifts that your boyfriend/hubby and/or dad will actually put to good use!

1. Dicks Sporting Goods is offering FREE personalization online when you buy any Titleist Golf Ball set 
(just don't google dicks at work, like I did...)
2. Cribbage Board: Who doesn't love a good game of cribbage!? I beat Steve the other ngiht for the first time EVER...are we old farts??
3. Does your man always forget to charge his phone? Now he will never have an excuse again, with this iphone case that charges your iphone!
4.Hammock: Who doesnt love relaxing in a nice hammock?
5.Humidor- Definitely got one of my dad a personalized one for Christmas this year...He became buddies with this cigar shop owner in Florida and has spent hundreds of dollars at his shop.
Did i mention that when I went home a few weeks ago, the only Christmas card that my parents received so far was from the Cigar shop owner in Florida!? haha
6. Golf Digest: I just ordered a year subscription for Steve this year for $15.00....great stocking stuffer and its the gift that keeps on giving (Uncle Eddie!?)
7. North Face Jacket- How about a nice, all-purprose jacket.
8. Tickets! Get tickets to his favorite sporting event or even to see his favorite band! 
9. Golf Shoes- New golf shoes are always a plus!
10. Sunglasses- Get your guy a nice pair of sunglasses....that way he won't ask you to stop at CVS on the way to the beach and end up looking like Elton John

A few more ideas:

A motorized pool chair....yes, please!

 A new grill...

Jelly of the Month Club anyone!?
If you love National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as much as I do, you will die at this website that I just found.
Should I buy those moose mugs now? Or....


Hope you found some of these ideas helpful!


  1. Hahaha love the Christmas Vacation reference! We got my dad a humidor a few years ago - he LOVES it!!

  2. Oooh these are really good ideas.