It's Here!

Well, since I forgot to take pictures this weekend, I'd figure that I would take this opportunity to share my Christmas list with you!
If you need my address, just ASK!
= )

 1. A Nikon Camera- I used to think the Iphone took good pictures, but now I just hate the blurriness
2.Pink Sweatshirt- You can never have enough Sweatshirts!
3.Taylor Swift Perfume- Wonderstruck- I got a sample of this in my Birch Box and now I am just plain obsessed.
4. BOOKS! Since, I'm going back to school, I'd like someone else to buy my first semester books...
(I Forgot how expensive College books can be!)
5. Coach Cross-shoulder bag- I've wanted one of these for a while now!
6. Frye, Melissa Boots in Black Please! # 6, Size 6!
7. A North Face Headband Warmer thingy- I went for a run the other day and my ears nearly fell off!
8. Sperry's- My old Sperrys have seen better days...time for a new pair!
9. Tupperware...BORING! I realized the other day that my Tupperware disappeared and I have NONE!
10. An Agenda Book- Since Im going back to school, its time to get organized!

Whats on your Christmas List!?

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  1. Umm I'll take the Frye boots in the same size please!