Tis the Season Tuesdays Link up!

Today is the day for my new link up!

So grab a button, link up below and share your top 5 favorite Christmas movies with me!

Here are mine, in no particular order:

 If you don't love the movie Elf, then I'm pretty sure we can't be friends anymore...this is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies and Will Ferrell is just hilarious in this film.

This is one of my new favorite Christmas movies, because it is packed with comedy and Tim Allen is just too funny for his own good!  Definitely check this movie out ASAP!

Who doesn't love Home Alone!?
Did you know that when I was little, my cousin and I went sledding down her stairs "Home Alone style" and I got my two front teeth knocked out? 
"Don't try this at home kids!"

Although I think that Mara Wilson and her lisp are terribly annoying in this movie, I still get chills every time she delivers the Dollar bill to the judge at the end of the movie...
Love it!

Need I say anything about this movie!? It is just amazingly humorous.

So link up and share your top 5 Christmas movies with me!

Have Fun and see you Next Week for our

Top 5 Christmas Songs!


  1. Home Alone is my favorite Christmas movie! I have already watched it once this season :) I also love Christmas Vacation, I'm going to have to rent that soon.

  2. Home Alone & Christmas Vacation are two of my favorite Christmas movies. The hubs just bought me 'A Christmas Story' because come on, the holidays dont really start until that movies been seen at least once ;)

  3. Yay this is so fun! But seriously who DOESN'T love Elf?!