Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Ya know what I hate?! 
When you are putting used wrapping paper away and the roll starts unrolling in front of your very eyes...
Who's with me!?

When I was putting the Christmas wrapping paper away this year, I had just had it with the used wrapping paper thing and decided to seek a solution!

Well, Ladies...Pinterest has changed my life- ONCE again!

Cut toilet paper rolls to cover wrapping paper...Genius!

...incase you were wondering, the first time Pinterest changed my life:

Source: via nzgirl on Pinterest

{You're Welcome}

Moving on...

I don't think that this DIY really needs a detailed explanation, and or if this even qualifies for the link up, butI figured I would share anyways.

1. save your toilet paper rolls 2. cut them down the side 3. place around the wrapping paper!

 {Man Hand...}

Have a paper towel roll!? Event better!

Thanks Pinterest!


  1. Great idea!!! :) New follower from the link up!


  2. this totally counts! ;) what a great idea. Wrapping paper organization seriously drives me NUTS!

    Thank you for linking up!

  3. Great tip ... I currently use hair ties - this seems WAY better!


  4. This is so smart! wrapper paper drives me crazy. I usually just throw the whole roll away because I can't handle it.

  5. I've been wanting to do this and every time I throw away a roll, I forget! I need to save up my rolls because I'm starting to find all kinds of interesting things to do with them via Pinterest :)

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  7. OMG genius!!! I hate when the wrapping paper comes unrolled!

  8. I just saw this pin the other day and thought it was the best idea ever (besides that cupcake idea)! Maybe next Christmas half of my wrapping paper won't get crinkled and torn.

    Visiting from SPD- have a great weekend :)

    -Sarah @ A Buckeye in Badgerland

  9. so glad you did this. I was JUST about to buy a wrapping paper holder for like $18 the other day but decided to hold off.. glad I did, now I can just do this! haha

  10. Brilliant!! My paper always gets ruined, lol

  11. I love it! How useful. I can see how that cupcake is life changing. Looks delicious!