Weekend Recap

Today is my Monday, so today I will be sharing my weekend recap with you, so get excited!

Friday after work, I headed to the hospital to see my beautiful friend and her brand new baby!
Cashion was born on Thursday, January 17 at 1:00 AM and was a whopping 9 lbs!
Big Baby!
I got to feed him and it was the best thing EVER! Little buggar.
PS- How gorgeous does my friend look after giving birth the day before (the one in the middle).

On the ride home, I started getting nervous because I hadn't heard from Steve since 2pm that day! I knew he wasnt feeling too great, so when I got home from the Hospital I wasnt surprised to see him passed out in our germ infested room. 
Being the great Girlfriend that I am, I woke him up and offered to go to the store to get him some meds.
I put my coat back on, headed to the pharmacy and bought Steve all of his favorites, including some disinfectant spray and airborne for me.
$50.00 later, I headed to Panera to pick up some dinner for myself and some Chicken Noodle Soup for my boo boo.
Right when I got out of the car, I got a text from one of my College friends saying that she was right near my house at a local restauarnt and that I needed to come meet her for a drink. 
(no lie, you can throw a rock from Panera to this restaurant...)
I walked in and my friend was shocked to see me in such a short amount of time, her boyfriend thought she knew I was coming and I felt like a huge stalker....haha
Anyways, a martini and a half later, Steve is still at home waiting for his meds...
PS- Steve was so groggy, he didnt even know I was gone to the Pharmacy for an hour and a half...
so, SHHHH....hehe

After sleeping on the couch, I woke up Saturday morning and decided that I needed to peace out of our Flu infested house immediately.
So I did just that...I headed to my hometown, and waited for my Best Friends surprise engagement party festivities to begin (sans the boyfriend).
The surprise went amazing and my friend and her fiance were completely shocked to see 50 of their closest friends at a local restaurant to celebrate in their honor.

I don't have a whole lot of pictures from the night, but here are a few:
{Top Left: The Surprise!!}
{Top Right: Awkward Bridal Party picture}
{Bottom Left: My Best Friends (bride on the left)}
{Bottom Right: The Happily Engaged Couple}

and knock on wood, I have managed to escape the flu this long...

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