Boom too much booty in the pants...

Since I worked Presidents Day, I am off tomorrow! Yahoo!!

More Importantly,

Last night, I was flicking through the channels, when I came across this:

Yep, thats right, this grown man is addicted to inflatable animals and claims to have relationships with 15 of the inflatables....

UM, EW! Good luck ever getting a date, buddy...

What intrigued me even more, was this chick:

Meet Karmello, she is addicted to Butt Injections...

...the worst part is that the women who gives her the injections is NOT a real Doctor

“The woman who does give injections, I don’t know what her background is like. 
We meet different places, sometimes in a hotel room.
 She keeps that liquid in a big bowl. 
The woman says it’s liquid silicon, but I don’t know for sure.”

How dumb can you be!?
  poor lady will learn someday.....

Peace in yah Crease!


  1. I've seen that show before! It's so bizarre. Love your blog! :) I'm now following you



  2. That is crazy about injections!! So dangerous! Some people were talking about this show the other day, I have never seen it