Friday Fancies

Happy February Ladies!
I've been so busy that I almost forgot my Blogerversary was this week!

1 whole year! Yahooo...Thanks for reading!

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Today's Topic:

Isn't that so strange!? Has anyone else never been snow skiing?

I waterski all the time, but no snow skiing see:

Anyways, I think that I've seen enough pictures of my friends skiing and enough Wacchusett Mountain ski commercials (oh, you're not from Massachusetts?) to know what to wear when snow skiing:
So correct me if I'm wrong, but here is something I might wear if I ever hit the slopes one day.

How'd I do!?

Enjoy your weekend Lovelies.


  1. Happy 1 year! Snow skiing is fun! I actually find it less scary than water skiing, I was so shocked that I got up on my first try water skiing that I freaked out and let go of the rope because I was scared of getting taken out and smacking the water haha.. you're going to have so much fun! Just make a "pizza triangle" to slow yourself down if you feel you're going to fast.