Do you guys like my new bloggie design??
I love it, but I'm sure I will be sick of it in a month or so and change it again...

Im obsessed with Pinterest again, so today I am linking up with Michelle from the vintage apple for:

Heres what I'm pinning this week:

Source: ziplist.com via Georgia on Pinterest


Source: houzz.com via Leslie on Pinterest

Source: wanelo.com via jessica on Pinterest

 I need that Hoodie ASAP.

Happy Wednesday!


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    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and following me - I wanted to email you back but your a no reply blogger - let me know if you need help fixing it!

      World According to Shia

    2. Thanks for letting me know, I think I may have fixed it?

  2. came over from TIBT and LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that we both pinned a pink Mean Girls hoodie! haha new follower! : )

  3. such a cute new layout! i love the laundry room, too, i pinned a lot of those kinds of decorating pictures for laundry rooms ... one day i will have one, too!