We Survived the Blizzard of 2013

My weekend was certainly interesting to say the least...

The Blizzard hit us hard in Boston, leaving us with 20+ inches of snow and leaving us powerless for a full 24 hours...

I will never, EVER take power for granted again...
 {Top Left: Made some Brownies Friday night}
{Top Right: Watched the most F'd up movie ever- "Would you Rather!?" Soo disturbing...}
{Bottom Left: Saturday morning...No power! Steve boiled water for coffee...}
{Bottom Right: Pretending I know how to shovel...sans makeup}

{Saturday Afternoon- Friends of ours walked over and we played Monopoly...Champion, right here}
{Top Left: Our house on Saturday Morning}
{Top Right: Burying our condiments in the snow...}
{Bottom Left: Saturday night...Cribbage by Candlelight.}
{Bottom Right: Paid some High School kids to dig my car out!}
 {Top Left: Pretty Sky}
{Top Right: Steve attempting to shovel the car out}
{Bottom Left: Our Car!}
{Bottom Right: Our Back Porch}

Another thing I learned in this Blizzard, is that people in the City are SUPER inconsiderate when it snows.
There is no room to move the snow anywhere, so they will legit put the snow on top of your car and/or in your yard if it means that it is not in their way.

My hometown is a legit mess, since it is so close to the water.
I stole a few pictures via facebook from friends.
 Luckily my parents are further away from the water and have their power back with no damage.
One of the drawbacks of living near the beach...
...I told you, it was an interesting weekend...


  1. Wow that is a lot of snow!! Luckily those kids were willing to shovel for you for some dollars :)

  2. Oh my god your hometown! Yikes.

    But I kind of enjoy no power for a day. Any longer than that and it's super annoying but it's kind of fun for a little while no?