Friday Letters!

 Dear Snow, Please STOP! I am so sick of you and I think the city of Boston agrees with me!

Dear Sore Throat/ Cold, Are you EVER leaving me!? I'm pretty sick of you too!

Dear Old Navy, Thanks for stepping it up! You have the cutest clothes this year and I want one of everything..

Dear Steve, Why were you eating Doritos in bed last night and crunching in my ear!?

Dear Hairdresser, Thanks for being the best and giving me snacks when I bitch about how hungry I am..
and for the free hair product samples!!

Dear Mom, Thanks for coming to my hair appointment this week just to see me!! = )

Dear Me, Good Luck learning how to ski this weekend! Break a.....

Dear Friday, I hope that you fly by...

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Enjoy your Weekend!


  1. I hate the smell of chips if I am not eating them! Kinda weird but true.

  2. I eat chips in bed all the time. Did it drunk earlier this week. You'd hate me baha

  3. oh those old navy clothes do look cute! i will have to go check them out :)