Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Ladies!!
It's 20 Degrees in Boston today and my car got towed yesterday...
just a few joys of living in New England...

Isn't getting your car towed the weirdest thing...??
I always second guess myself on where I parked and then proceed to call the boyfriend 20 times to make sure that he is not playing a joke on me.
After that, I start assuming that someone stole it....
am I right??
So weird...
Anyways, $130.00 later and I was able to start my grocery shopping.
I got home just in time for the 2 hour Dance Moms special!

After checking the mail last night, I got super excited when I received my Estee Lauder promotional flyer in the mail and learned that they are teaming up with Lil Pulitzer for their "free gift" this year.
I think my offer expires this Saturday, but It looks like they will eventually be continuing the promotion into Summer.
I'm thinking of getting my free gift tonight, but I just don't know which pattern to get!? I want them ALL!

I guess I'll have to see whats available!
I used to work for Estee Lauder and am now missing the good old days where I used to get all the "free gifts" actually for "free".
Here are some of their products that I swear by:

Will you be running to Macy's tonight like me??

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