St Paddy's Day Shennanigans

Happy St. Patty's Day Weekend!
I have a super busy weekend ahead that includes: Birthday Celebrations, a St. Patty's Day 5K, a Wedding and a Housewarming Party!
Hopefully my Irish self will be able to get control and make it to all of these events!

That's right, I am Irish and proud of it!
Did you know that my Aunt and Mom have Irish Citizenship !? OR that I've been to Ireland and was a Championship Irish Step Dancer?

I bet NOT!

Well, you can read about my Irish Dance life HERE!

Linking up with LDL for some

I'm going to a Wedding this weekend and actually just purchased this dress from ASOS.  Here is how I will most likely pair the look...let me know what you think!

(you know where to get the beer!)

What kind of Irish Girl would I be if I didn't leave you with some sloppy St Patty's Day pics!?

...not a very good one!



  1. Sounds like you have an amazingly fun weekend planned, have fun! :)

  2. Love the lace dress! (And the necessary pint... Clever!!)

  3. Who did you dance for?! I danced for Harney in Walpole for like 10 years hahah small world :)

    1. I danced for Haley! I remember Harney- you girls were really good! Too funny, I miss it!
      Did you know that the Worlds are being held in Boston next weekend at the Hynes Convention Center?
      Is it weird I want to go watch...??

  4. That dress is so cute!! I love the outfit...and the beer!

  5. Fun facts! I want to go to Ireland badly.

    Good luck this weekend! So many activities. I bet you'll have a blast though :)