St. Patty's Day Weekend Recap

I am exhausted weekend was non-stop and I loved everything about it!
Have a Look:
 {Top Left: Watched Steve's Nephew blow out his 9th Birthday Candles!}
{Top Right: Ran a St. Patty's Day 5K}
{Bottom: Friends at the 5K}
 {St. Patty's 5K!}
After the 5K, we naturally hit up the bar for some Bloody Mary's & Mimosa's!

Later that evening, Steve, the Fam and I headed into the City for my Cousins Wedding!
The Wedding was both of their second marriages, so they decided to have a low-key Wedding and the Bride even wore a Green dress in honor of St. Patty's Day!
 {Left: I had the most green on and won the Centerpiece! Yahoo!}
{Right: Cousins!}

Sunday Morning, Steve and I woke up and went to Breakfast, where I indulged in this delicious Green Bagel:

After, that I headed to my Best Friends Housewarming party and then went to Steve's Parents House for Some Corn beef and Cabbage Dinner (I had a Celeste Pizza!) haha...hate Corn Beef and Cabbage...

Im obsessed with this little babe!...please note her cute little Shamrock Socks! 

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  1. Wow a green dress! That is crazy! Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Classy with a Kick

  2. Green bagels are the best! Looks like such a fun weekend!