Weekend Ski Trip!

This weekend, Steve and I went skiing for the first time EVER and we both did surprisingly well.  
We arrived at the ski place around 10ish and the first adult lesson was sold out so we had to "wait" until the noon time lesson.
After getting all of our gear, we decided to kill some time and head to the bunny hill and mess around a bit before our lesson.
After riding the chair lift to the top, I graciously did a nose dive at the end of the chair lift and had lifts zooming over my head until some random man was able to help me up (getting off of the chair lift is the hardest part of skiing in my opinion...).
We had no idea what we were doing and fell a handful of times on the way down the bunny hill and I went zooming into a bush/ditch at around 20 MPH....it was quite comical...
When we got to the bottom, we met up with Steve's cousins and they brought us to the top of the bunny hill again to give us a few pointers.
After learning the ropes and mastering the bunny hill, we were "pro-skiers" by the time our 12pm lesson rolled around...you can bet your bottom that we skipped out on our 12pm lesson and hit a larger hill...
We did really well and only fell a few more times, but it is definitely scary zooming down a mountain full speed when you are a beginner...
I would definitely like to try again before winter ends and had a blast!
Did I mention that we picked the best weekend to try skiing, because it was 50 degrees and sunny in NH?
Here are a few pics of our amazing weekend:
 I'm the only person I know that can go skiing and wind up with a huge bruise on the inside of their arm and have no idea how or when it got there...

We stayed at Steves Aunt and Uncle's mansion in NH...it is ridiculously nice..and I am ridiculously jealous...

Needless to say, when I got home last night I popped some Advil and took a bath in Icy Hot...I don't think I have EVER been so sore in my entire life!


  1. Skiing scares me!! And I have a huge fear of the chair lift! I don't know if I could ever go in it. But glad you had fun :)

  2. Ha...I am impressed. I totally agree that getting of the chair lift can be rough...esp if you fall. There is not a lot of room to get out of way...and fast! But sounds like you guys did well! So jealous...I am DYING to go skiing!

    Classy with a Kick