My Peeves

Since my 27th Birthday is this Sunday (Yowza's!)
I decided that I am entitled to my opinion and will be sharing with you my top 27 Pet Peeves!
That way, you can make sure that you give me an early Birthday present by avoiding them.
Here goes:

Kristen’s 27 Pet Peeves

1. People who are rude to the waiters/waitresses.

2. Blow drying my hair.

3. Ignorant people.

4. People who still live at home when they are 25.

5. Bachelorette Weekends….lets spend a million dollars to run around with penis straws…

6. When people bite their nails.

7. When bloggers give advice….here’s some advice for you- Don’t give it!

8. When someone says “I’m just kidding”, but they are actually serious.

9. When people say “Sorry, I’m not Sorry”…

10. People who pay with exact change.

11. People who talk about politics.

12. When Bikers ride their bicycles in the middle of the road…

13. Laundry

14. When someone interrupts your conversation with someone else by saying “who”, “what?!”

15. Liars…

16. When someone rustles change around in their pockets…it gives me chills…

17. When people get engaged and don’t live together yet….Good Luck!

18. When someone leaves the cupboard doors open.

19. Girls who cry when they drink.

20. When someone takes a sip of their drink and they have not swallowed their food yet.

21. Single moms who act like they are the only single moms to ever exist.

22. One-Uppers.

23. People who don’t pay enough money when you go out to dinner with a group of people.

24. When people give you shit for not wanting to go out.

25. People who don’t use their blinkers.

26. People who look for the closest parking spot they can find.

27. Vegans…get over your self.

 Don't get your panties (#28 the word panties) in a ruffle if I "offended you".
Peace Out!


  1. I love this. I agree with so many but I think I might annoy you because I do some of them too. For instance, I will drive in circles for the closest parking spot - even at the gym where I will then go in a run for 30 minutes. And I bite my nails. I hope we can still be blog friends, though. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  2. I agree with like 90% of these. great idea. may steal this!