Weekend Recap!

This weekend was one of the first weekends that I had literally NOTHING planned...
it was AMAZING and I took some "me" time to enjoy the 70 degree weather here in Boston.

...Almost time for the beach Ladies!

Saturday, Steve and I had date night and I ordered the girliest/summery drink on the menu!

{Pineapple Moose Juice}

 {My boring dinner}

Sunday, I slept in and went and got mani/pedi's with my Best Friend

{Color: Hot and Spicy by OPI}

Yes, my hands are really, really dry...

I told you, nothing special, but sometimes those are the BEST weekends!

I am certainly caught up on my beauty rest!

How was your weekend!?


  1. I love the name of that drink, sounds so fun

  2. Love getting mani/pedi, i feel like a new woman afterwards!