Weekend Recap

My weekend was awesome and I am certainly paying for it today as I drink my Large Coconut Iced Coffee from Dunks...
My Sister came home from Florida on Thursday to surprise my Parents for their Birthdays!
My Moms Birthday was Thursday and My Dad's Birthday was Friday.
Saturday, we had a 60th surprise party for my dad and Sunday was spent in Boston celebrating my Parents Wedding Anniversary and Mothers Day...
...Mayhem I tell yah...
{Top Left: Inital Surprise!}
{Top Right: 60th Picture Collage}
{Bottom Left: My Cousin and Aunt}
{Bottom Right: The Fam...don't mind my ridiculous face?}
 Some Roastings and My dad with some more Cousins!
{Top Left: Dropped off Flowers for Steve's mom and Sisters}
{Top Right: Cheers!}
{Bottom Left: My Sister, Mom and I on Mothers Day!}
{Bottom Right: Happy Anniversary!}

After Dinner, we walked over to the Boston Marathon Memorial.
It was amazing to see all of the Memorabilia that people had left.

Makes me love my City even more!

How was you're weekend!?


  1. The numbers turned out really good! I love Boston and actually might be moving there soon, look forward to following your blog!