Weekend Recap

I can't believe that Monday is here all ready....where did the weekend go!?
My weekend was awesome!! The sun was shining and I got to spend it with all of my favorite people...well, almost all of my favorite people!

{Top Left: Used my new curling wand!}
{Top Right: Hung out with my favorite bebe!}
{Bottom Left: Walked the beach w/ Steve's Fam}
{Bottom Right: Pretty views of our walk}

{Top Left: Enjoyed the sunshine}
{Top Right: Pushing my little nugget on the swing}
{Bottom Left: I'm Obsessed!}
{Bottom Right: Margs after our beach walk}
{Top Left: Hanging outside with my love}
{Top Right: My Cousins and I at my cousins graduation!}
{Bottom Left: My Aunt's AMAZING Boston Creme Cupcakes}
{Bottom Right: My baby Cousin Graduated College!}

How was your weekend!?

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