Schools out for Summer!

Thats right bishes....I'm back and grad school is out for the summer for this girl!
Thank God....I just can't imagine studying in my house on a 90 degree beach day...
Awful right!?

Anyways...Here's a looksi at where I've been:

Never too busy to beach it with a landshark

 Met my new second cousin!

Bought impulse Patriots tickets in Miami with the Fam Damily

Went to a cute Wedding Shower for an old friend...
and they had the cutest favors:

 Went to a double baby shower for my cousins!

Did a lil' shopping and took some OOTD photos:

Linking up with Sami for some:
Sami's Shenanigans

Miss me!?

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  1. So jealous! I'll be taking a trip to Indianapolis to see the Dolphins play. Love watching the Phins!