Big Feet?

Since when did Dance Mom's turn into the Candy Apples show?? 

Is anyone else annoyed!?


...that's what I thought!...

Call me crazy, but did anyone watch Dance Moms last week and happen to stumble across Cathy's new dancer- Mary?

Maybe its the Dancer in me, but this girl's feet are way, WAY too big and distracting for her to be a dancer....sorry girlfriend....try a different sport...

All I could focus on where her GIANT feet!

Alright, now I feel bad that I'm making fun of a 10 year old on my blog, but I needed to discuss this and see if anyone else was just as weirded out as me!?



  1. I did not notice Mary's feet but I am annoyed with all the Candy Apple attention and nothing from ALDC. I guess it's because Abby is in California.

  2. I loooveeee Dance Moms but also have been annoyed with the Candy Apple's crap lately! I can't stand them!

  3. Didn't notice her feet until you pointed it out - crazy! And yes, I'm so annoyed about all the focus on Candy Apples. The kids, parents, and teachers just aren't as fun to watch as the ones at ALDC.