Shower Power!

This weekend was really busy and consisted of wayy too much drinking....
This was certainly one of those "Never drinking again weekends"
1. The Girls at my Best Friends Wedding Shower!
2. Cake Pop Wedding Favors made by the Bridesmaids.
3. H & R Anthropology Mugs.
4. Our beautiful flower arrangements.
5. Paper Straws are a must!
6. Cupcakes
7. Jason Aldean Concert with my College Besties
8. Clearly Intoxicated...
9. Too much beer!

The concert was awesome and I ran into a lot of old friends!
Did I mention I wore my shower dress to the concert because I was running late and didn't have time to go home and change...

Finally upgraded my phone and downloaded a beautiful mess.
This picture describes my life in a nut shell...

Sunday, I had a Baby Shower and thought it was hysterical that the homeowner's husband put their Mary statue in the pool float.

How was your weekend!?
Link up with Sami and tell us all about it.

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