Friday Night Lights!

There's nothing I miss more than going to a good old High School Football game and showing local support to my hometown team.

If you grew up in my hometown, you would know that if you missed a Friday night football game and had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can bet your Wendy's Chicken Nuggets that your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you and that you would be single by Monday Saturday.  You would also know that the cheerleaders were the biggest losers in the school and that if you didn't sit in the last row of the top, right bleachers that you were "NOT COOL!"

Did you get all that!?

If I spent my Friday's attending football games still, you might find me sporting one of those ugly ass letter jackets, like so:
friday night lights

How awesome is that Diamond Football- shaped purse!?  It's only $825 too...

ALMOST as cool as Rihanna's penis purse, I say...

Link up with LDL for some Friday Night Lights Love!

What were your High School Football Games like?

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