Hannah and Ryan's Big Day

As I mentioned HERE, my bestie got Married at the beginning of September and I had the honor of standing by her side as one of her maids.  I don't remember much about standing at the alter because I was sobbing like a baby the entire time and was too nervous for words...
No clue what I was so nervous about, but I think the fact that we've been friends since 5th grade had something to do with all of the tears of joy!

{Note to self: When I get Married, someone is going to have to wheel me down the aisle}

The weather was amazing and we had an absolute blast!  
My only complaint was that the night went by too quickly.

Hannah the Bride was really organized and passed out these adorable Agenda Timelines to the entire Bridal Party prior to the days events.

I was really pleased with the way my hair and makeup came out:

Flower from Charming Charlie's

Our Bridesmaid dresses were from the B2 Jasmine Collection

the dresses looked absolutely stunning on all of us and made for great photo's against the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bridesmaids
{Jack, Ali, Sarah, Me, Tracy}

The Groomsmen
{Jon, Sean, Matt, Anthony, Paul}

Can't forget the Fireball on your big day...

Yes, we passed it around the limo and all drank from the bottle until it was gone...

Congrats again Mr & Mrs. Diboe

Love you Guys!


  1. Loving those dresses! Ugh, fireball. I swear my boyfriends life would not be complete if fireball didn't exist. That makes him sound like an alcoholic, which he's not... But really...

  2. Everyone is obsessed with Fireball lately! I don't get what the obsession is!