Help me, I'm poor!

College certainly has its ups and downs.  On the plus side, you get to drink 7 days a week and share an apartment with your Best Friends.  On the down side, you are extremely poor...

Wait a minute, I have full time job now and I am still poor...go figure!

The good news for all you poor college students out there is that CampusBookRentals gives you the chance to RENT, yes thats right, RENT College books at a cheaper price than purchasing the book. 
 I used CampusBookRentals last semester for one of my Graduate classes and had too good an experience to not share.  I ordered my book online and rented the book for 70 days.  The book was shipped directly to my house within 7-14 business days and cost $48! If I had ordered this book brand new it would have easily cost me $100+ dollars.

CampusBookRentals even sends you a prepaid USPS bubble envelope to return the book when you are finished with the course.  All you have to do is drop the book at your local USPS drop box or post office when you are finished.

Did I mention that you can highlight as much as you want in the books!?

I know, I know....I have old College books that are collecting dust in my home office also.
But the good news is that CampusBookRentals now has a RentBack program, where they will rent your books for you and pay you for as long as your books are in demand.

Watch this Video for more information on their RentBack program:

CampusBookRentals even donates some of their proceeds to a non-profit organization known as Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an incredible organization that raises money and organizes reconstructive cleft lip surgeries for children all around the world

CampusBook Rentals has committed to donating a minimum of 80 surgeries between June 2013 and June 2014.

How awesome is that!?

  If you want to save 40-90% of your money while supporting a good cause, then you should 

absolutely visit CampusBook for more information.

Trust me, you won't be dissapointed and you will never have to set foot in an over-priced 

College Book store again!

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