Growing Old

Between grad school and the Red Sox in the World Series, it's been hard for me to focus on anything other than those two things...
Sorry work, I promise to improve my performance and attitude once this Series has ended...

If you're reading this, Happy Halloween and no, I do not work at anything remotely close to Good Burger, sorry to say.

Halloween always makes me sad, because I miss College and celebrating Halloween in College meant that you got to dress like a slure and drink your face off...
You'd think after 5 years of being graduated that I would accept it, but I've come to the conclusion that I will never stop missing College.
(Insert sad face here)

How Fun? And yes, I am the ass about to dump my beer on everyone's heads.

Now my Halloween entails passing out candy to little shits and carving pumpkins to match my home decor:

Growing up sucks, huh!?

Have a safe night everyone!

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