This Weekend I...

My weekends have been pretty low key lately... between finishing up Grad School and this horrific Winter weather, I've pretty much just been hibernating...
Friday: I met up with a friend for some drinks.  We were supposed to see the movie DUFF at 7:20, but instead we ended up having too many said drinks and missed the movie.  After a few more drinks, we came up with the genius idea to go bowling instead.

Is there anything more awkward than Bowling?  I feel like no matter who you go with and no matter how drunk you get, after you roll that ball down the alley, everyone is just staring at you waiting for you to dance or celebrate that one pin that you knocked down...
Anyone else with me- Or is that just the paranoia in me?

Saturday: Steve and I went out to a local restaurant for Dinner and I naturally had to order this delicious fat free onion ring tower.


Sunday: We headed to see our Niece and Nephew and actually went outside and played in the snow with them for a few hours.

Did you know that you can burn up to 300 calories per hour building a Snowman?
Do you want to build a Snowman NOW?

Later in the day I stopped into Marshalls and fell in love with all of their Summer home decor:

I'll take one of everything please!

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  1. That tower of onion rings - i'm drooling right now!!! Those pillows you found are so perfect, makes me wish I had a beach house to decorate lol!! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. I know! All their home decor made me wish I had a beach house! Have a good week! xo

  2. Oooh I am in love with everything nautical! I guess I'll be checking out my local Marshall's to see if they have anything similar! And yes- bowling, between the actual act and those shoes- is totally awkward!

  3. Friday sounds like my kind of night – sometimes you just cannot interrupt cocktails and laughter! The onion rings.. YUMM!!

  4. Well shoot, I need to get out there and build like 5 snowmen after the amount of food and drinks I consumed this weekend! And totally agree with you on bowling! You aren't the only one :)