VDay Weekend!

Despite the blizzard and this awful head cold that I am battling now I had a pretty good weekend.

Friday: I got my hair highlighted and cut after work.  Is there anything better than a fresh haircut?  When I got home Steve had prepared a delicious Candlelit Valentine's Day dinner for me and had Roses waiting on the table for me.  
For dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberries. 

He's a keeper! 

Saturday- Steve had to go out plowing all day due to the storm, so I woke up and headed to the gym.  After the gym, I got ready and headed to brunch with my girlfriends.
We went to a local restaurant and had mimosa's and the best Buffalo Chicken Fingers on Earth.

That's my weekend in a nutshell, nothing super crazy.
Excuse me, while I go back to watching Bridesmaids and chugging Airborne like its nobody's business.

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  1. Mimosas and buffalo chicken fingers sound like the best way to spend VDay!

  2. So sweet a valentine's dinner complete with chocolate strawberries. Can't beat that!