Mexico 2015

Steve and I just got back from Play Del Carmen, Mexico and it was freaking amazing!  Steve works for a small company and there were about 19 of us that went down...hands down one of the best vacations I have ever been on. 
Let's just say that two people missed their flight on the way home and one person is still in the hospital....
We all know, what happens in Mexico ends up on the blog, so here's a photo dump of the photos that are acceptable to share on social media:

Side note... I think I peed my pants on the walk up the 80 ft tower that was swaying in the wind...

Swimming in the Cenote...Mucho Frio...there were bats flying over our heads...

Yahhh, I broke my Ray Ban's like the first day that we were there and they now sit crooked on my face....oh well, well worth it!

Have you ever been to Playa Del?  I highly recommend it, if not! 


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  1. You look like you had a wonderful time! :)