I Survived Pink Sunday...

Did everyone survive the Lilly Pulitzer launch for Target?  I barely did and I'm kind of disgusted with the way some people acted.  In my opinion, Target should have placed a limit on the number of items that people could purchase. Like two items at max?  This would have resulted in people only getting what they really wanted instead of everyone and their Mom grabbing whatever the hell they wanted in every size to sell online later for $500....If you're one of the people who did that, you're annoying and I hope no one buys your purchases and that you are stuck with them in the wrong size!

Anyways, I was fortunate enough to score two dresses and a pair of flip flops and my Bestie scored a halter top and a pair of flippies.

It was absolute mayhem and I nearly got trampled....I felt like I was in that episode of Full House where Danny, Jesse and Joey try to get their hands on a Super Fortress toy for Michelle and her friends... 

The rest of my Weekend was spent completing a Grad School Final...only 1 class stands between me and my Masters degree! Ahhh! Home stretch people!

Friday night, Steve and I went to dinner and bowling with some friends of ours and they gave me these gorgeous flowers for my Birthday!

Is there anything better than Palm leaves?  I'm trying to get my florist to work them into my Wedding bouquet.

Sunday, Steve and I decided to take a walk to a local Beach near our house so that I could mess with my new DSLR camera!

Can it just be Summertime already?  I just can't wait another second!

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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! Congrats on scoring some Lilly pieces!

  2. Lilly for Target was such a mess. I'm really disappointed but I can't complain because I was able to snag most of what I wanted online. Looks like you had a great rest of your weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. There were 2 LFT dresses that I would have loved to own, however I wasn't brave enough at all to venture out... glad you found some great pieces though!! (: