End of Summer Broccoli Salad

Since I've been slacking in the blogosphere lately, I never got to share this delicious Broccoli Salad that I made for the 4th of July this year (hence the new name "End of Summer Broccoli Salad").  I found this recipe on Skinny Mom.com and it was definitely a huge hit and was super easy to make.

2 heads fresh broccoli, chopped
1 head fresh cauliflower, chopped
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
½ small red onion, diced
¾ cup reduced salt green olives
1 pint grape tomatoes, sliced lengthwise
1 cup Sargento® Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Shredded Cheese
1 cup Bolthouse Farms® Classic Ranch Yogurt Dressing

1. Toss everything into the bowl
2. Refrigerate until it's time to enjoy!

I could have eaten the entire bowl and not felt guilty about it!  I'm not a huge fan of the taste of uncooked Broccoli, so I will definitely steam it the next time I make it.

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