A Beach Lover: How to Be the PERFECT Holiday Guest!

Welp, it's officially December!  That means lots and lots of Holiday parties over the next few weeks.  I thought I would share a few tips on how you can be a good Holiday guest this year that will for sure get you invited back next year!

1. RSVP:  Did the hostess ask you to RSVP!?  Make sure to RSVP and ON TIME.  Even if the hostess did not ask you to RSVP, make sure that you give a straight "YES" or "NO" answer when you get the invite.  A Hostess needs to know how much preparation to do and you giving a straight "YES" or "NO" answer can reduce some of their stress!

2. Offer to Bring Something:  Did you RSVP- "YES"!?  If so, make sure you offer to bring an appetizer or dessert! Try to bring something that is ready to go when you arrive.  You don't want to have to bother the hostess by having them heat up an appetizer or have them looking for a tray to make your dish look presentable.

3. Arrive on Time:  Make sure that you arrive to the party on time.  You don't have to arrive to the party right on the dot, but don't show up an hour late, that's rude.

4. Bring a Hostess Gift:  Make sure that you bring the hostess a small gift to let them know that you appreciate their hospitality.  Candles and Flowers make easy, hostess gifts around the Holidays!

5. Mingle:  Be sure to go out of your way to mingle.  The hostess will definitely appreciate you introducing yourself to everyone.

6. Clean Up:  Make sure you offer to help clean up!

7. Thank the Hostess:  Always thank the hostess when you are leaving!  Sometimes people have too many glasses of wine and forget how much you appreciate their hospitality, so be sure to send a text or better yet a Thank you card the next day in the mail to let them know how much fun you had!

Follow these seven steps and you will for sure get invited back next year!

Happy Holiday Partying!


  1. I cannot stand when people don't RSVP...it takes thirty seconds to do and helps your host SO much!