A Beach Lover: It's Christmas EVE!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!  I can’t believe it’s already December 24!  I feel like this month has just flown by…Tonight, we will be headed to my in-laws for some traditional food, games, laughs and drinks!  

It’s a tradition in my family to watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve every year.  Last year, I purchased the infamous Moose Mug for my brother-in-law.

We used to go to Church on Christmas Eve, but my Dad faked sick for the last 10 years in a row and the overcrowded church just got to be a little too much for us.
Over the years, my Parents always let my Sister and I open one gift on Christmas Eve that usually entailed some brand new Christmas Pajamas.  
I can’t wait to celebrate by drinking and stuffing my face over the next few days!
What are your Family Christmas traditions?  
Whatever you do, I hope that you have an amazing Holiday surrounded by loved ones!


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