A Beach Lover: My Adult Christmas List

I was going to share my 2015 Christmas Wish List today, but after getting home from work last night and hearing the horrific news about the shootings in California, it just didn't seem appropriate.  I figured it was selfish for me to share my materialistic wishes, when some people are just wishing that their loved ones were still alive.  Is anyone else convinced that the world is ending?  The world we live in today is honestly becoming a horrific and disgusting place to live.
With all that being said, I decided to share an "Adult" Christmas list this year, so here goes:

1. I wish that Wars and Terrorism would END and that all ISIS members would enter their own Hunger Games.
2. I wish that Guns would be banned from the world and only authorized personnel were allowed to carry.
3. I wish that anyone with a critical illness would be cured.
4. I wish that anyone with financial troubles would find relief.
5. I wish that all babies would be born healthy.
6. I wish that everyone had a friend.
7. I hope that anyone seeking a home finds shelter and warmth.
8. I hope that everyone knows they are LOVED and/or experiences LOVE.
9. I hope that everyone can find the strength to be themselves.
10. I hope that everyone finds happiness.

If I could rub a magic lamp and have wishes 1-10 come true, I would do so in a second.  Unfortunately, until people start smartening up, seeking help and loving others like they love their own, then the world will remain an ugly place.

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  1. This is the S-W-E-E-T-E-S-T thing I've seen in a long time. Love your wish list.