A Beach Lover: New Years Resolutions

I pretty much have the same New Years Resolutions every year and like most people, I forget about them within a few weeks.  This year,  I don't have a Wedding to plan and I don't have endless amounts of Grad School homework to finish, so I'm hoping things will be a little different and I will actually be able to follow through with my resolutions this year.

So, without further adieu, here are some of my 2016 New Years Resolutions & Goals in no particular order:

Lose Weight:  This is pretty much on everyone's New Years Resolution list, it's practically a requirement.  I did lose a bunch of weight this year for my wedding, but I didn't keep it all off and I still didn't reach my target weight of 125lbs, so here's hoping!

Get Organized: Are you rolling your eyes yet?  I think this resolution is another requirement on everyone's list too, but I really want to "de-clutter" my life...

Save More Money/Get Out of Debt: {Insert eye roll emoji}  #Requirement... You know the deal...Steve and I have actually done a pretty good job of saving money over the last year or so, but I really would like to sit down and develop a budget.

Learn How to use my DSLR:  I've had my Canon Rebel for almost a year now and it's about time that I actually learned how to use the damn thing before I f*ck it up... I'm hoping to take a couple lessons this year!

Blog More:  Since I started Graduate School 2 years ago, I really didn't have the time to blog at all.  When I did have free time, sitting in front of a computer after 8 hours at work was just out of the question...I'm hoping to post at least three times per week after the new year.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: I'm a pretty laid back person, but I'm hoping to relax a little in 2016 and not take things so personally.

Try a New Fitness Class:  My current gym does not offer any classes, so I'm hoping to join a Yoga or Barre Studio and attend regularly.

Read More: I love reading and can't wait to finally start reading before bed each night!

Use Social Media Less: I think this sadly might be on a lot of our resolution lists this year.  Social Media has just kind of taken over.  Steve and I are hopefully going to implement a "no electronics" night in our house.  This will force us to speak to each other like human beings and maybe we will even play a board game or two...

What are your New Years Resolutions!?