A Beach Lover: A Trip to Scituate Lighthouse

I have a crazy obsession with lighthouses, so if you throw a Christmas wreath on one you can bet your arss that you have made me one happy girl!
 I had to meet a friend near Scituate, Massachusetts a few weeks ago, so I just knew I had to pay a visit to Scituate Lighthouse.

Unfortunately, I forgot my DSLR camera and had to use my phone, but my pictures still came out great!

There were signs up that said "Private Property", so I got as close as I could without being a complete creep.  I wanted to ring the doorbell and ask the homeowners if they could move their cars so I could get better shots...is that too much to ask!?

I did a little research on the lighthouse after visiting and found out that the first keeper lived there in the 1800's with his wife and their NINE children.  Can you imagine living in a lighthouse with 10 other people? 
Me either...

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