A Beach Lover: The Bachelor 2016

Did anyone else tune into The Bachelor on Monday night!?  The first episode is seriously always my favorite episode.  The introductions and the ridiculously embarrassing things that people do to get attention never ceases to amaze me.  Let's have a recap of all the crazy freaks that exited the limo...poor Ben H...

Horse Lady

This lady just LOVE's horses and decided to bring her pony along with her to prove it...

Unicorn Lady

Note to self...make sure you can see when you walk while wearing a Unicorn mask...#theydoexist

Gluten Lady 

{People that don't eat gluten and tell everyone about it annoy the shit of of me}

Russian Lady

She spoke Russian the entire time...

Hoverboard Lady

At least learn how to do that shit in heels.... the best part was that this chick was "unemployed" how the F did you afford a hoverboard?

Rose Head Lady

aka the Dentist...She really wanted that first impression rose...so badly that she made her own headpiece..too bad she didn't get it.

Onesie Lady

"Are you the onesie for me!?"  Need I say more...at least she saved money by not buying an expensive ball gown

Save the Date Lady

You're an absolute psychopath...the end.

Between the Twins, Lace and the Chicken lover, I'm just not sure I can handle this season..

Anyone else think that Ben H looks like Peter Brady?


  1. So I haven't watched The Bachelor since some of the very early seasons like 10 years ago, but my sister made me promise to watch this season. The first episode is still on my DVR, but I can't wait to watch all of the crazy this weekend!

  2. The gluten lady was a little off for me - like what if he really likes bread (which apparently he does lol) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. You're kidding me?! I've never watched this show, but this intrigues me.