A Beach Lover: How to Hide your Instagram Hashtags

If you're wondering what the F' I am talking about, it might make more sense when I actually show you, so pay attention!  If you're obsessed with using hashtags on Instagram and use a butt-load of them like I do, I am going to show you a "prettier" and "neater" way to add your hashtags in the comments section of your IG page.

Keep in mind that Instagram will only allow you to use up to 30 hashtags per post.
Here is our goal:

As you can see the hashtags on the left take up a lot of room and look a little messy.  The picture on the right just shows three little dots (you would never know that there are 30 hashtags behind those dots).

To do this, simply go to your Facebook page.  Yes, that was not a typo, I said FACEBOOK page.

In the "status" section of Facebook, type a few periods, hitting return after each.  Next, list your favorite hashtags out (you don't need to publish the status) and copy everything in the status box that you wrote (periods included).  Paste this information into the notes section of your phone for later.

Now, back to the Instagram app.  Post your photo in Instagram and then in the comments section copy and paste your Hashtags (periods included) from your notes!  When you are done, the Hashtags should appear like the 3 dots below.

Now you can hashtag like crazy without looking like an obvious psycho!

Have questions?  Feel free to ask.

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  1. I always thought I was doing it wrong and that's because I was! Thank you for sharing! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

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