A Beach Lover: Warby Parker

Warby Parker inspired me to share my thoughts on their new 2016 Spring Collection.  These opinions are 100% mine.

I've had the same boring glasses for the last 3 years, so when Warby Parker reached out to me to try their new Spring Collection, I was super excited!

Fun Fact about me:  I wore glasses from Kindergarten to 5th grade and then my eyes just magically corrected themselves.  We will leave out the part in Kindergarten where I had to wear a patch over my right eye to make my left eye stronger...I'm pretty much still traumatized from it...

At any rate, I didn't need glasses again until about 3 years ago when I realized I couldn't see crap driving at night and I couldn't see the channels on the TV guide without getting off the couch.  Now that I finally dragged myself to the eye Dr. and got some glasses, I wont run over anyone driving and I don't have to get off the couch!  It's a win for everyone!!

If you are feeling wild, you will definitely LOVE Warby Parker's Spring 2016 collection, because the colors are fun and loud!  Here are a few of my favorites from their Spring 2016 collection:





The best part about Warby Parker is that they will mail you 5 pairs of glasses for free to try on at home.

I realized after I received my picks in the mail that I didn't really go out of my comfort zone and picked similar frames to the ones I already own with subtle colors.  
Here's what I picked for my Home Try-On:

Chilton Style in Blueberry Buckle:

Sullivan Style in Saltwater Matte:

Mitchell Style in Early Grey:

Finch Style in Striped Molasses:

Finch Style in Violet Magnolia:

My favorites were definitely the Finch style because they were similar to the one's I have now and super comfortable!  These frames definitely work best for my round-shaped face.

When you are done with the glasses you can drop them in the mail with the pre-paid shipping label that they provide.  If you really liked a pair, you can go ahead and order them online.  Some of the glasses start at just $95!

Be sure to check out their new Sunglasses too!

Have you tried Warby Parker's Home Try-On Program!?


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