A Beach Lover: Birthday Wishlist!

Hello dolls!  In honor of my Birthday week, I figured that I would share a last minute Birthday Wishlist (in case anyone is looking for any gift ideas for me)!  Here are a few things I've been eyeing lately:

birthday wishlist

1. Sunglasses-  I've been loving the new round shaped sunglasses that everyone has been rocking.  I smashed my Ray Bans in Mexico and I've been on the hunt for a new pair.

2. Straw Hat- Every year that I get older, I tend to find a new found love for shade at the beach.  If only I had been smarter when I was younger I wouldn't feel the need to bask in wrinkle cream everyday.

3. Jack Rogers- I've been eyeing these exclusive Pineapple Jack Rogers lately.  They are just adorable and I think I need them.

4. Water Bottle- I've wanted this water bottle for a while now, its so true and I NEED it!

5. Tassel Bracelet- Tassel's are the latest trend right now and they are just too cute to not wear!  I love these bracelets by Hattan Home, they are just adorable.

6. Naked Palette- I've wanted a NAKED palette for a while now and I think it's time that I finally bit the bullet.

7. Diptyque- Can you believe I've never owned one of these!?  Me either.. the Mimosa one just looks adorable!

What trends have you been loving lately!?


  1. You have so many cute options on your birthday wish list! I love those pineapple flip flops, and that water bottle would be perfect for the gym!

  2. Love all of these picks but especially the Jack Rogers sandals!!

  3. I want that Naked palette, too. It's so pretty! Also, hope you get everything you want!

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