A Beach Lover: A Trip to the Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH

For the last two years I have been dying to go see the Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH.  I finally talked Steve into making the trek with me (two and a half hour to be exact- what a guy)!  On Saturday morning we hit the road to New Hampshire and we are pleased to say that the ice castles did not disappoint.  Neither of us are skiers, so I'm always looking for fun activities for us to pass the winter months.

A few tips- Tickets are $12.95 a piece and you should order them online ahead of time since they sell out on most weekends.  You also have to pick a specific time slot to visit...we opted for the tickets right when they opened at 12pm.  I highly recommend going early or later, because it gets crowded REAL fast.  They also light the ice castles up at night too, so you could pick a later time if you wanted to see the castles at night.

Here are some pictures that I was able to capture.  Sometimes I wish I could just tell everyone to to get the hell out of my way so that I can get a good shot...anyone else!?

 You Home Elsa!? 

They have locations in Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Alberta as well, so be sure to check them out if they are near you!

Now, if I can just convince the husband to visit Hotel de Glace in Quebec with me someday...

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  1. See this is why I want to move to NE - 2.5 hrs is an LA rush hour commute! That's so cool you can be in a new state that quickly.

    These ice castles are so pretty! They're manmade? The colors are so vibrant!