A Beach Lover: Kelsey's First Birthday!

My little sweet cheeks turned 1 on November 29, so we celebrated on December 1 with close friends and family at our house with a donut themed Birthday!

I ordered the donut invitation print off of Etsy from Printer Fairy.  They can be found HERE
Once they sent me my proof, I uploaded the design to Zazzle.com and ordered them.
There are a lot of other designs out there, but of course I found this one to be the cutest, so it was a two step process).

Here are a few pictures of the day:

The dessert table was by far my favorite!  I made a small cake for Kelsey, some funfetti cupcakes and cookies for the guests and woke up at 6am to make sure that Dunkin Donuts didn't sell out of the pink frosted sprinkle donuts (what is my life becoming).

The sprinkle napkins and donut shoppe hats are from Oriental Trading and the gold Happy Birthday sign in the cake is from Hobby Lobby.

The donut banner was also from Oriental Trading and the Donut balloon was from a local party store.

I printed off pictures of Kelsey from when she was 6 weeks to 12 months old! Parabo Press is actually having a special where you can order 25 prints for free, you just have to pay for shipping, so I took advantage and ordered a few extra pictures.

(New Moms, take note that the monthly chalkboard signs are a pain in the ass.  If you're expecting I would highly recommend doing something easier like wooden blocks, stickers or a letter board.  This was gifted to me by a family friend and once I started I felt like I had to finish.  Lets just say that baby number two will not be getting this sign).

Again the Donut Shoppe hats and tablecloth were from Oriental Trading.  I had a free 8.5 by 11 photobook through Shutterfly so I ordered a book with all of her monthly pictures and had our guests sign the blank pages in the back.  

When shes older she will love reading all of the messages.

(Side note- Do you keep birthday cards for your kids?  Looking for suggestions on what to do)

The Table Runner and Straws were from Oriental Trading.  The roses were actually from a co-worker of mine that remembered it was Kelsey's birthday and brought her a gift and roses on Friday (I work with the nicest people).

I got Kelsey's personalized onesie from the Pink Daisy Boutique found HERE.  The onesie took about a month to ship and I was luckily on top of it this time, so make sure you plan ahead!

Her tutu leggings were from the Gap.  They are on sale now and can be found HERE
I didnt bother trying to flatten out the tulle because I knew it would be wrinkled again in a matter of seconds...I just had to let my OCD self get over it.

She was so sweet opening all of her gifts!  One of my favorite bloggers got her daughter this purse as a first birthday gift and I took note because I thought it was adorable. 

She loves putting the bracelets on and taking everything out and putting it back in.

One of her favorite gifts was this Step 2 Princess Chariot that my best friends went in on for her.  We have a small house with little storage so for now its been the conversation piece of our living room.  It's been too cold for me to find the energy to walk my butt out to the shed.

Whenever Kelsey wants a ride (which is every night) She points to it until we put her in it.

We had a little over 30 people there, but I was actually glad that our house was too small to invite a huge crowd.    I can see how first Birthdays could easily get out of hand.

Thanks for reading...Hopefully I'll be back soon!

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