A Beach Lover: Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! 
We spent New Years Eve at the Omni Mt. Washington Hotel celebrating my College roommates Wedding.

This resort is absolutely breathtaking and I highly recommend taking a visit if you live nearby.

Omni Mt Washington (via)

A lot of people were saying that this is where the movie "The Shining" was filmed.  I've been a long time fan of this movie (call me a psycho, I dare yah...) and had researched this before and knew that that information was false, but I just nodded my head when people told me.

The movie "The Shining" was actually filmed at The Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood Oregon and the majority of it was of course filmed in studios in London.

The Timberline Lodge in Oregon (via)

The real inspiration came from "The Stanley Hotel" that is located in Colorado (I wonder why they never actually filmed any parts of the movie there?)

The Stanley Hotel (via)

Either way, you can definitely see the resemblance from the Stanley Hotel and the Mount Washington Resort Hotel and I can definitely understand the confusion.

...but anyways...

We also had some exciting news to share on New Years with all of our Friends and Family.

We are expecting a little girl again in June!

I bought Kelsey's shirt off Etsy from the Purple Elephant Shop that can be found HERE

Steve and I figured it was better to have our kids be close in age and be tired for the next 6 years than waiting.

Me on New Years Eve.

My dress was from the ASOS maternity section.  I ordered a few dresses, both maternity and non-maternity since I'm only about 14 weeks, but holy crap they aren't kidding when they say you pop quicker with the second child!

Hoping for a healthy New Year for my family in 2019 as last year was definitely a tough one.

What are you hoping to gain out of 2019?

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